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Motherhood, rights, and responsibilities

Motherhood, rights, and responsibilities
Author: narges khodami


Compiler: Narges khodamy
Work Type: Book
Date of Publication: Spring 2016
Number of Pages: 142
Price: 90.000 IRR
Publication: Woman and Family Research Center

Explanations: The book “Motherhood, rights, and responsibilities” written by Narges Khoddami contains four chapters on the following subjects: the importance and the position of mother, motherhood responsibilities, motherhood alternatives, and the responsibilities of other people to the mother. Motherhood can be discussed from different aspects including: a) the theological approach to the image of motherhood in Islamic texts; b) legal and jurisprudential aspects of motherhood; c) psychological aspects of motherhood; d) social aspects of motherhood in Iran like motherhood developments and motherhood pathology; e) encountering and advocating motherhood in government and non-government policy making; f) motherhood representation in the media and in the expertise community of the country.

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